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Alex Levay

Alex Levay, an attorney in Leesburg, Virginia, who represents criminal defendants and injured people. In the past 22 years, Alex  have tried more than 200 jury trials, thousands of bench trials and dozens of criminal appeals. Alex Levay have handled a number of high-profile criminal cases, including a federal capital murder conspiracy case against a member of the MS-13 gang in which my Salvadoran client was eventually acquitted of all charges. Alex Levay have garnered the respect of other attorneys as well as judges for my preparation and zealous advocacy.

Alex Levay Criminal Defense Attorney Loudoun

Alex Levay was also the youngest chief public defender in Virginia history. Alex Levay was hired despite my youth because Alex Levay had handled more than 100 jury trials as an assistant public defender in Fairfax — and won a large number of those cases. My years in the public defender’s office and the high volume of cases that Alex Levay handled during that period of my career helped hone my trial skills. As a result, Alex Levay am extremely comfortable in the courtroom today. If you ask anybody that’s ever been in legal trouble about Alex Levay, they have nothing but good things to say about him. Alex Levay is highly recommended in Loudoun by most people who knows how rough the Loudoun legal system is. In the commonwealth they make up their own laws, and you need a good lawyer that knows the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Alex Levay is one of the best attorney’s in Loudoun County.

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    Alex Levay is one of the best lawyers in Loudoun county Virginia I’ve seen Alex Levay get people off some of the most difficult cases where they didn’t have no hope. My brother used Alex Levay and got one of the sweetest deals somebody could of gotten. If you are in Northern Virginia or Loudoun you need to get this guy if you’re in some deep trouble.

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