August 9, 2013 | Posted in:Paid Lawyers, Public Defenders

Bonnie Hoffman

Bonnie Hoffman is one of the best if not possibly the best public defenders in Loudoun County. I was recently reading an article about her on the Washington Post –. Bonnie Hoffman is a public defender, and has been with the public defender office for over 10 years. Bonnie Hoffman is a hard working attorney and does not cut corners. She has integrity, honor, and loves doing what she does. If you were indigent and didn’t have money to hire your own counsel, Id definitely recommend Bonnie Hoffman as a good choice! If in Loudoun and you need a lawyer and don’t have the funds to hire one Bonnie Hoffman is your best bet! I’ve seen Bonnie Hoffman win cases that paid lawyers would have trouble beating. Bonnie Hoffman has been working on behalf of indigent inmates or defendents for years and doing a good job at it. She is one of the best female defenders and lawyer I know.

Bonnie Hoffman

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