October 16, 2013 | Posted in:Public Defenders

Elizabeth J. Lancaster

Elizabeth J. Lancaster works for the Loudoun County Public defenders office in Leesburg Virginia, she has been with the public defenders office for more than ten years now. Elizabeth J. Lancaster is the Senior Assistant Public Defender in Loudoun County Virginia. Elizabeth J. Lancaster is a descent lawyer I’d say, she’s your regular lawyer you’ll find in a public defenders office. I really can’t say too many bad things about Elizabeth J. Lancaster other than she’s beaten some few cases and gotten a few good deals. But I’ve heard some bad things as well about Elizabeth J. Lancaster. If you was to get Elizabeth J. Lancaster assigned to you as your lawyer make sure you not facing real serious charges, I’d say work with her on some misdemeanors or minor violations. But I wouldn’t recommend her for big felony cases. Elizabeth J. Lancaster won some cases don’t get it wrong but like I said public defenders are usually real busy with they work, they work many cases a day and don’t get paid nothing. If its a misdemeanor, then yes get a public defender, but for anything ranging from murder, rape, distribution, extortion, robbery, etc. I recommend you get a paid lawyer when dealing with Elizabeth J. Lancaster type lawyer for the big cases. Until Elizabeth J. Lancaster gets her own firm I would say she gets a C+ in my book on cases.

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