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James Plowman aka Jim Plowman

Joshua Steward and Jim Plowman are prosecutors from the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s office. These men have a hidden agenda in Loudoun, and that’s to keep it like it was in the colonial days. Jim Plowman and Joshua Steward have no integrity or honor, and worst of all, are white Supremacists. Loudoun County is full of racist people and so-called good old boys who want to keep their establishment the way it is.

Jim plowman

Jim Plowman and Joshua Steward are liars who used their position and office to cheat people out of fair trials, especially black people. These men have sent a clear message that they’ll use the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office and the Leesburg Police to keep the county white. How do I know this, you may ask? Because I have friends and family that work in the Loudoun County Commonwealth office, Loudoun Sheriff’s office and Leesburg police that have told me.

Both these men and several more people that work for the Loudoun government have this racist agenda. Jim Plowman, Joshua Steward and others in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office use tactics such as lying and manipulating evidence so they can win cases.

You look at Loudoun in the 90’s all the way to 2015 – you still had white people calling black people niggers. I went to school with the likes of Jim Plowman and Joshua Steward who used to call us niggers. This wasn’t in the 60’s or 70’s but recently. You look at Loudoun in the 90’s to 2010. The Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s office, Leesburg police and Loudoun County Sheriff’s office made it a habit that if you were black, or hanging out with black people, you were going to be targeted. We’re not making this up. My mother’s ex-boyfriend is a Sheriff Deputy and so are several of my friends. Meaning if you’re in an interracial relationship, you’re screwed.

They’ve used crooked sheriff’s such as Derek Ater, Jesus Diaz and Lindsay Sayer to enforce this racist agenda. These 3 Loudoun County Sheriffs have been known to target black people by randomly showing up to their houses unannounced with no warrant, pulling black people over with no just cause and worst of all have committed perjury, which Jim Plowman and Joshua Steward have allowed. They have corrupted the justice system by turning it into their own KKK white supremacist system.

Lindsay Sayer and Jesus Diaz are corrupt Sheriff’s deputies who work for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office. These 2 are part of this racist scheme and also corrupt justice and committed perjury on July 13, 2015, which Joshua Steward, assistant commonwealth attorney for Loudoun County, knew these 2 sheriffs were lying and he assisted in the perjury. Joshua Stewart even lied to the jury and the judge.

The whole point of this article is to inform people what us black people have gone through at the hand of the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s office, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office and the Leesburg Police. Go around Leesburg Virginia and ask the black people who live there or have lived there how many of them were barred off their own property and family members’ properties for doing nothing wrong. If you think that officials in the Loudoun County government didn’t know about this, you’re stupid.

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