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As you know, Loudoun Best Lawyers is owned by a group name Lawrence Mitchell and Company LLC. The company is a minority owned company, and they focus on fighting civil rights issues and the real problem’s that plague the community in Loudoun. Lawrence Mitchell and Company also own’s companies like Mid Atlantic Construction and Technology LLC and JDT Entertainment LLC. One of the owner’s who’s name is Lawrence Charles has been in a strange fight with the Loudoun Commonwealth justice system for years. Jim Plowman who is the elected Loudoun Commonwealth attorner is a racist, and there is no doubt about that. Not only has the FBI investigated his office along with the Loudoun Sheriff office, but it was discovered that Jim Plowman used his office to do great evil to the African and Hispanic community in Loudoun. Jim Plowman has cheated many minorities out of fair trials, and will go to any heights to attack any minorities that have the possibility of becoming a lawyer, judge, or senator. This is classic Jim Crowe, you see if you can put fear in the heart of a person, then half the battle is won. I’m pretty sure you heard about the story of Moses in exodus, kill the firstborn of the slaves.

Jim plowman

I have no respect for Jim Plowman, because he pretends to be a righteous man that helps the Loudoun community. When in reality he is the biggest snake and conman in the history of the commonwealth attorney office. Well other than Ken Stolley and his brother down Virginia beach. Jim Plowman is not a man of God, or he would battle injustice, but instead he sits he and uses his office to influence the Loudoun county Sheriff office and the Leesburg police to violate people’s civil rights and their right to Due Process, this man needs to be in jail. The minorities know this to be true, Jim Plowman is not a very good man or commonwealth attorney. It’s nothing but money being made in Loudoun county courtroom, I believe that he is involved with the Peumansend Creek Regional Jail. He has to be getting some kind of kickback, if you want to see modern day slavery, go visit Peumansend Creek Regional jail and you will see what we’re talking about.

Jim Plowman should be in jail and should be treated like former governor Mcdonell, and charged with corruption, a man who uses his power not for good but evil is not a man, but a vicious animal on the loose. Plowman has destroyed families just so he can get rich off the back of the poor. If you think some of these judges and lawyers are not involved, you need medicine for your brain. These judges and lawyers are definitely in on the scam, I can’t say much about the Loudoun county elected sheriff Mike Chapman, but one thing I’ve seen he is dedicated to routing out crooked officer’s out his office. I really like Michael Chapman, he’s a good man, and is really dedicated to the community. I’ve talk to the officer’s who work for him, and he has all the praise. But Jim plowman needs to be flushed down the toilet, cause that’s what he is feces.

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