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This time of year in Loudoun County, Virginia is very beautiful. But behind the scenes is a very ugly picture. In front of the Loudoun County courthouse is a statue of a confederate soldier. The confederate soldier might represent many things – southern pride or the fight against the union. But one thing it represents to people of color is the racist judges and Commonwealth Attorneys that work inside the Loudoun County courthouse.
It reminds black people of the slaves they used to beat, torture and hang on trees in front of the courthouse. Not many things have changed if you’re asking about race relations. The judges, prosecutors and most good old boys from Loudoun are still racist and living in the past. You may be saying that there is no way this happening in the richest county in America. Well, it is. Loudoun County, Virginia is the richest county in America and it’s full of bigots.
Let’s first talk about the Commonwealth Attorney, Jim Plowman. This bigot is a known racist but he’s been in office 13 years. Jim Plowman is not a good leader, lawyer or prosecutor. What Jim Plowman is though, is a crook and a coward. Jim Plowman has actually implemented the greatest scheme since Adolf Hitler. This scheme wasn’t just involving one individual. It required many minds to come up with this plan. This plan required money, time and hatred. Why has Jim Plowman been in power 13 years? Because he has run unchallenged for 13 years.
It started with his friends that supported him. Rich, old-money friends who wanted to keep Loudoun County white. So of course, they provided Jim Plowman money for his campaign, and Jim Plowman would get rid of the people of color out of the county.
I don’t know if you’ve ever read the story of Exodus and the Holy Bible., but it involves the prophet Moses and Pharoh. Pharoh ordered all the male Hebrew toddlers and babies to be thrown in the Nile River to basically wipe out the original people of God. Well, it didn’t work out and God delivered his people after they cried out to him.

Jim Plowman used the same tactics as Pharoh used with this scheme, but he has support from other racist men such as Judge Howe Brown, Judge Stephen E. Sincavage and Judge Benjamin Hendrick. Judge Brown and Kendrick are very ruthless men. If you look at a classic family structure, you see husband, then wife, followed by children. If you take the husband out first, followed by the sons, you screw up and destroy a family. You’re probably thinking this is a conspiracy theory – well, it’s not.
If you haven’t lived in Loudoun County for 20 years or more, you wouldn’t understand who people like Jim Plowman, Howe Brown, Stephen Sincavage and Benjamin Kendrick are.

Growing up in Loudoun County, we used to have little race wars in middle school and high school because we used to be called nigger. In Loudoun County, you can’t be black and own a nice home, car or business. Because if you do, people like Jim Plowman who controls the Leesburg police and Loudoun County Sheriff’s department, will make sure they harass and threaten you to get you out of Loudoun County. The Leesburg Police and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office will make up charges if they have to get a case on you.
You’ve had incidents where Loudoun County Sheriff’s deputy Jesus Diaz planted crack cocaine inside a black male’s car. Or another time Lindsay Sayre and Jesus Diaz threatened to lock up a black man if he didn’t allow them to tow his car without justification. Leesburg police officers barred a black tutor from a poor neighborhood in Leesburg. When the tutor attempted to go back to the neighborhood, they charged him with trespassing. You have black males who get locked up for tresspassing on their own properties.

Police officers and sheriffs can only bring up charges. But it’s up to the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorneys and judges to make sure a person has a fair chance at justice. That’s not the case when you have racist attorneys like Jim Plowman, Joshua Steward and other racist prosecutors. Because the Leesburg Police Chief and Loudoun County Sheriffs seem to let the prosecutor’s office use their deputies and police officers to target black people at will.

These Loudoun Sheriffs and Leesburg police seem to be able to take these little charges or no charges and then them into felonies real quick for black men. For example, a black man having a seizure finds himself behind bars for having a seizure. True story. And it’s not the police, but these prosecutors and judges like Jim Plowman, Howe Brown, Benjamin Kendrick and Stephen E. Sincavage who corrupt the justice system. These judges are 80 years old and if they could have their way, they would hang all the black men in front of the courthouse. They make sure they give us big fines for misdemeanors and make sure that most black men that come to the Loudoun County courthouse will never vote in an election. That’s what it’s about – making sure black men can’t vote and that black men can never become judges, lawyers or prosecutors in this racist county.
On the bright side, Judge Burke F. McCahill is fair and a good judge, and he’s white. So there’s still hope even in a racist county. Black men don’t need the NAACP, Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton. Those people and organizations haven’t done anything for black men, but distracted us.

Until black men can shut down Loudoun like they did in Baltimore and Ferguson, then things will never change. Black people need to stop complaining and make noise. Then they’ll remove this tyranny justice system from the midst of us.

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