Robert Bruce Loudoun Lawyers

Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce is a public defender located in Loudoun county, he works in the town of Leesburg. Robert Bruce has been with the Loudoun County public defenders office for over 5 years. I’ve heard ok and bad things about Robert Bruce. I’ve even seen him in action at a few of his trials. I’d say that he’s ok, and I know ok is not what you want to hear about a lawyer. But I’m not going to lie to you guys about a person skill. Personally I wouldn’t hire this public defender if I was indigent, but begger’s can’t be choosers. Well yes they can, but Robert Bruce is an ok attorney if you dealing with misdemeanors that you are trying to get a quick deal and be out of court. But if you have felonies and you need to beat them, then I would recommend you look somewhere else cause I’m not going to lie Robert Bruce is not your guy on big cases. I mean public defenders have a ton load of cases and most of the time they are working a lot of overtime. So it’s not really they fault, so Robert Bruce is an ok public defender.

Robert Bruce

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