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Wayne Kim Loudoun Attorney and Lawyer

Wayne Kim use to work for the public defenders office located in Loudoun county Virginia, Mr. Kim graduated from Northwestern University in 2000 and graduated cum laude from the Univeristy of Illinois Law School in 2005. During law school, Mr. Kim won the CALI, Excellence for the future award in Sentencing. He also served as a Teaching Assistant in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

Wayne L. Kim is a former Senior Assistant Public Defender for Loudoun County. From 2005 to 2013, Mr. Kim represented thousands of criminal defendants accused of misdemeanors and felonies in Loudoun County. As a Public Defender, he handled both felonies and misdemeanors including sitting first chair on first degree murder charges.

Mr. Kim is an experienced trial attorney in both bench and jury trials. His experience in pre-trial motions have led to favorable charge reductions for his clients as well as a successful motion to suppress in a first degree murder case. At trial, his results include acquittals in attempted robbery, assault on law enforcement officers, and grand larceny charges.

For the Korean Community
A graduate of Seoul Foreign School in Seoul, South Korea. Wayne L. Kim endeavors to provide quality criminal and traffic defense to the Korean community.

With his mother still residing in Korea, Wayne L. Kim understands the struggles of the immigrant community here in the United States. Mr. Kim is dedicating to fight for the legal rights of those accused of crimes in Virginia.

Wayne Kim is a ok lawyer, I really haven’t heard nothing exciting about Wayne Kim from what I heard he’s ok to use for misdemeanor cases, but when it comes to the big cases when your butt’s on the line I heard Wayne Kim no good. But that’s when Wayne Kim was working as an attorney for the public defender’s office.

Wayne Kim Loudoun Attorney and Lawyer

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